Why use Doggozon?

Amazon.com was responsible for about 44% of all U.S. e-commerce sales in 2017.1

They run a charity program called AmazonSmile, where they donate 0.5% of all revenue from eligible items on smile.amazon.com to charity.

However, they force the customer to manually type “smile.amazon.com” every time, even if the customer has already signed up for AmazonSmile.

Since very few users have the patience for this, Amazon avoids paying a large amount of money to charity.

Doggozon is the solution to this problem.

Doggozon automatically redirects you from amazon.com to smile.amazon.com, forcing Amazon to donate to charity every time you make a purchase.

Then, Amazon pays Doggozon a fee for referring you.

Doggozon supports animal rights and makes annual donations to the Animal Welfare Institute.

So both Amazon and Doggozon are working together to improve society.

That’s the Doggozon advantage.